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Gender Male
Status Deceased
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Kirigi is a member of The Hand.



Kirigi was the son of The Hand leader, Roshi. He's been for years one of the best warriors and assassins at the orders of the ninja group, and he's become with experience the leader of a small group of mutant ninjas.

When the first attempts of the Hand to kill Elektra Nathios and kidnap the young Abby Miller, Kirigi is put in charge of it. Roshi assures him that, if he accomplishes his mission, he'll become the new leader of the Hand.

Thanks to the powers of Tattoo, the group is able to find Elektra and her protegees in no time. Kirigi kills McCabe, Elektra's "manager", and then follows the woman, Abby and Mark Miller in the woods. During the following battle, two of the Hand ninjas are killed, but Elektra was defeated and Kirigi himself captures Abby. In that very moment, Stick and his men appear and stop the Hand ninjas, forcing them to flee.

Kirigi was then contacted by Elektra herself, who has an agreement with him: the two of them will fight and, if Kirigi wins, he'll have Abby, if Elektra wins, the girls is free forever. Kirigi accepts, and the two meet in the same house in which Kirigi killed Elektra's mother when she was a child. Using his superhuman speed and his swordsman abilities, Kirigi easily defeats Elektra, but was stop by Abby, who followed the woman, just a moment before killing her. Kirigi then follows the two and have another fight with Elektra, but she's learned enough of his fighting style to anticipate his speed. Eventually, Kirigi is impaled by one of Elektra's sais and his body turns to dust as he's falling in a pit.